Collins celebrates a bicentennial of diary making with its 200th Anniversary this year. A brand steeped in Scottish heritage, Collins has a rich history dating back two hundred years from its humble beginnings in 1819 when founder William Collins set up his first printing press in the Candleriggs street of Glasgow, Scotland. Collins has since grown over the centuries to become the preferred stationery and lifestyle brand, touching lives across the globe with quality stationery that is a conduit for self-expression, authenticity and what flows from within.

Commenting on the milestone, Ms Connie Chan, Executive Chairlady and Chief Executive Officer said:

Throughout the years, Collins has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of design and innovation by continually evolving and exploring new and innovative ways to meet consumers’ needs. As a passionate stationery maker renowned for its quality, Collins not only creates fundamental tools, from diaries to notebooks, journals and other stationery, it also offers them in a wide variety of cover material, design and layout to cater to all lifestyle preferences.

Celebrating a bicentennial milestone

In celebration of the special milestone, Collins is commemorating its 200th Anniversary with a special tartan design that is one of its kind and is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans. With its colour palette emblematic of Collins’ Scottish roots, the tartan design is the quintennial expression of the brand’s rich tapestry of heritage, story and ambitions. The deep rich Heritage Blue, inherited from Collins’ most recent corporate colour palette, is combined with the official Blue from the Scottish flag. The use of gold is in reference to a time in the brand’s history when gold was gilded by hand upon the covers of its books.

“Looking back on our first 200 years, our passion has never wavered and we’ve been steadfast in creating quality stationery for authentic self-expressions. We have designed numerous organizational tools that improve the daily lives of our customers, and encourage them to let their creativity flow. As we write a new chapter for the next two centuries, we’ll continue to evolve to suit consumers’ preferences and attitudes while always staying true to our Scottish roots.

Be it a diary, note-book or desk planner, every Collins product inspires self-expression and is delightfully pragmatic. After all, Collins is the conduit of what flows from within.”

As a global stationery and lifestyle brand, Collins has presence across the world, in UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan and more. The brand aims to introduce its quality stationeries and lifestyle products to more consumers and expand further in Asia, Europe and Australia.

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