As we reach the end of January and 2020 is in full swing, we know that this is the point when we start getting lenient on our new year’s resolutions. At Collins we know how important it is to set goals and keep them, both for home and work life.... Setting realistic goals really does help to manage your time more effectively and as you know, time management is a huge part of what Collins is all about!

Collins believe in a SMART and easy solution to help you achieve your goals. Your goals should be:


Your goals should always be specific and clear as you can possibly make them. Writing them down helps give you the incentive to work towards them.


It is vital that any goal you set is measurable. The more specific your goal is, the easier it will be to measure.


Your goals should always motivate you. Unrealistic or unachievable goals will have a negative effect. It is also important that your goals are challenging, giving yourself an easy goal to achieve isn’t as satisfying and rewarding when you achieve it.


Think of how good it will feel when you achieve a challenging goal you have set for yourself. By writing down reasons why you want to achieve it, you will find it so much more rewarding when you do.


Setting aside a time limit for each of your goals will not only make it more rewarding when you achieve them but also help you avoid being distracted and stay focused on the task in hand.

Our 2020 Diaries are the perfect goal setting companion. Whether you are a day-to-page or a week-to-view person, you can keep track of your goals and achievements by writing them down every day or at the beginning of the week. You can then review them at a glance to see if you have managed your time in the right way and achieved what you set out to do.  We know how keeping track of your work-load can seem daunting at times but planning each day or week at a time can help manage this. 


The new layout of Collins Metropolitan Diaries is perfect for this, with monthly goal trackers, year planners, expense trackers plus loads of information to keep you organised and healthy!


If you haven’t got around to getting a diary yet, it’s not too late! Plus, all 2020 diaries are now 75% off online! Shop the sale here:

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